About Us

Siga Tribal is a contemporary craft brand that born in Brazil and now base in Portugal, Vila Verde. Formed by a couple who loves to spend time together creating unique pieces inspired by nature, travels and free spirit people.

Using materials with nature connection makes all piece hold a special energy. Their strong mark is the craftsmanship leather work using manual sewing techniques. Feathers, gemstones, leather, beads, seeds and organic fabrics are some of their favorite materials to create with it. 

All creations are one of a kind and perfect for those who love to express themselves through the way of dressing. 

This brand is formed by Carlos Mendes and Aurea Brandes, Portuguese and Brazilian, aires and libra, fire and air. Perfect combination! Working together since 2013, Siga Tribal has started back in 2006 when Aurea started the first steps creating leather garments. 

Year after year they learn more from the experience always searching for improvement and quality. Today, together they are SIGA TRIBAL a brand that have personality, commitment, creativity and much love for every single piece that come from them workshop. 


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